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Lily Petkova

Founder –

  • Our vision and mission are to support others. Our support is under many shapes, tools and aspects. These options cover: Advices, recommendations, custom solutions, guides, digital tools and apps, exchange resources, promoting partners, sponsorships, investments, partnering and project development. We know that via TECHNOLOGY we could UNLOCK and DEVELIVER bigger impact to wider audience.
  • Our goal is to maintain a TRANSPARENCY management style. It is our protection and guarantee that the Foundation will always be authentic and away from hidden influence. Our policy is structured, with clear purposes and opens doors ONLY for POSITIVE ACTIONS.
  • All received assets are managed and organized in accordance to the Foundation policy, vision and mission to support and help others. We may refuse to process or cancel any pending Transaction as required by law, regulation or any court or other authority to which Human know-how Foundation is subject in any jurisdiction, for instance, if there is suspicion of money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any other crime.
  • Our INDEPENDANCE and CHARITY CHARACTER are the INFINITE GOAL and GUIDING LIGHT, because this gives the answers of why we exist as Foundation. 
  • We never stop learning, exploring and improving. PERFECTION does not exist. We see WEAKNESSES as OPPORTUNITIES to grow and get better.
  • Our philosophy is LESS is MORE. We are simple people who love and implement minimalism in our daily and work life. No PR campaigns, away from noisy social media tricks to attract attention and followers. We believe in the most natural way to grow our activity – via ORGANIC TRUST, WORD OF MOUNT and PERSONAL RECOMMENDATIONS.
  • Supporting Human know-how Foundation means, YOU are helping it to become a KEY FACTOR, VOICE of THE INTELLECT and INSTRUMENT TO SUPPORT HUMANITY in all shapes and combinations.


  • People and Human Intellect: The key asset, which is the fundament of everything. We work with range of people, talents and experts. We all exchange advices, share experience and contribute to the vision of a better world and smarter solutions.


  • Projects & Technology: Part of our life is already a Digital world. This reality requires to keep and maintain the presence of our digital web projects secured, serviced and upgraded. We aim to create and share new improved concepts and instruments to the public.


  • Organizational costs: Every system is part of other systems. Our system has to comply with laws and respect regulations. We have to spend money for services set by the Government and other external legal factors. This includes fees and spendings to keep live and independent our activity.

We accept any type of help and support in the form of:

  • donations (fiat money, crypto currency)
  • assets (products, services, digital assets)
  • exchange (we exchange assets to provide support to third parties)

How we accept:

  • Via verified payment tools and finance partners
  • Via logistic points
  • Via know-how services

The organization works digitally and remotely. Its physical registered location is in Philippopolis, today known as Plovdiv. The city was founded by Philip the Great who is the father of Alexander the Great, (r. 359–336 BCE). 

You have thousands of reasons to visit this amazing historical place.

Our head office address: Google Link 

Additionally we manage logistic points in different countries and locations. Get in contact for more information.