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Human know-how Organization

Supporting Human Intellect in all its forms and combinations is the center and DNA of Human know-how. It is a Bulgarian innovative organization whose purpose and mission are to promote, support, and upgrade the conditions and environment in order to develop, promote, and support all good initiatives, social campaigns, talents, organizations, businesses, startups, projects, and ideas.

The organization strives to connect and integrate Culture, Art, Science, Sports, Economy, and Society as a whole under the vision of mutual assistance, solidarity, assistance, and welfare in the name of a greater common good.

We believe that Human Intellect should be distinguished, encouraged, and applauded to unite us as a community while improving the environment in which we live, learn, and work. And this makes sense when they communicate with diverse groups of participants, giving usefulness, productivity, and scale through the creation of new enhanced opportunities.

Our mission is to challenge the world with humanity and an intelligent approach, where the center is Quality, Efficiency, Simplicity, Connectivity and Content. We want to provoke the Audience to see the rest of the World with a positive perspective and “supportive lenses”.

Taking into account this open invitation, we believe that potential partners will receive a serious and great advantage to promote and outline their products, services and their brand will reach new customers, businesses and markets, being a respected partner of the organization.

For further information or questions, do not hesitate to contact Human know-how: or through the official channels.

We are result of Past, Present and Future…


Organization: Human know-how
Established: Bulgaria, 2023
Message by Lily Petkova: Explore and expand the power of Human Intellect, crafted with brilliance, style and infinite potential.
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