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What Would The Perfect Advertising and PR Strategy Look Like?

Have you ever wondered what, how and why it is important to align in order to send a powerful message that attracts interest, desire, reaction, action, trust, and why not admiration? Please continue reading the article.

Before that let’s ask what is advertising?

Is advertising only the paid billboard on the boulevard, the purchased banner on Google or Facebook, the promoted video on YouTube or the advertisement on a TV channel?

Is advertising only what we are presented to see, often too intrusively, and in most cases even unwanted?

Do we also agree with the description that advertising can also be a conversation between friends, a recommendation for someone, an opinion about something, sharing a review, spreading interesting information to reach more people?

Therefore, we are also participants and advertise daily. Another question is whether with noble motives or because of commercial and work interests?

Advertising is all around us. From the sales of technology, services and physical stores to road signs. We communicate through advertising – more often paid and much less authentic and real.

Have you ever wondered why the profession of influencer is becoming more and more popular, trendy and monetized activity?

And what is in common between influencers and other celebrities who don’t advertise for money? Please continue reading the article.

What they have in common is the positive impact their advertising and messages have on followers, fans and society.

The key to effective advertising is the synergy of style of words, psychology of visuals, structure of content, depth of context, positive feeling for the user, overall trust in the brand and the most important condition – quality of the product or service.

The team behind Lily Petkova has the pleasure to present its own project called holistic.BG, launched after preliminary analyses, studies, opinions, comparisons and observations to answer the question, what is impactful advertising?

We know this definition is abstract and very subjective. That’s why we created a form of digital tool through which we enable an advertisement to be shared in its own and individual style, in order to describe the activity, organisation or person more holistically, more positively, more interestingly, more modernly and at the same time just simpler.

“We invite you to join holistic.BG” 

 Lily & Partners